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Butane-Propane News April 2007>

Texas Fleets Get OPD Exemption


"Fleets using proprietary technology developed by Adept Science & Technologies, LLC (ASCENT) were recently granted an exemption from the Texas Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety Rules regarding vehicle tank filling by the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC)."


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LPGas Magazine October 2006 >

Stop-fill technology wins grant


"Adept Science & Technologies, LLC (ASCENT) has won a $173,700 grant from the federal Department of Energy for its sonic stop-fill technology that prevents overfilling of propane and anhydrous ammonia tanks."


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Butane-Propane News March 2006 >

Non-Invasive Liquid Level Gauge Technology Advances


" 'This work will ensure that at each refill, the VIA refilling technician will have the certainty that the mechanical OPD worked properly,' Meyer said. 'If the technician does not get the proper signal after filling, the bus can be tagged and the appropriate actions can be taken to remedy the situation.' "


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Butane-Propane News July 2005 >

Pinching Pennies or Cost-Efficient? Does Curtailing Fuel Loss During Refilling Add Up?


"A conversation between Peck and ASCENT's president, Alex Spataru, about tank monitoring led to the testing of ASCENT's Maximus Stop Fill Instrument...In development since 2004, the Maximus is an acoustic-based instrument that detects liquid propane as it reaches a prescribed mark on the tank. The instrument can be fully portable and used similarly to a stethoscope."


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Butane-Propane News July 2005>

San Antonio Workhorses Depend on Propane


"One of [VIA's] latest forays was to test an innovative sonic liquid level stethoscope designed by Adept Science & Technologies, LLC (Los Alamos, N.M.). The results have been very positive, according to Peck, who expects these devices to save the agency money while reducing fuel loss during the filling process as well as lowering evaporative emissions."


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LP/Gas Magazine January 2003 >

Gauging dial performance levels, Sonic sensors may see boom as research continues on externally mounted gauges


" 'So far we've just made a couple dozen' of the devices for testing purposes, says Alex Spataru, the company's president.  'We wanted to make sure the technology we developed works, and that objective has been achieved. All of them have been tested in the lab and now we are putting them in the field.' "


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